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1. Weiden

Cover page of a publisher's catalogue by Jos. Aibl, Munich 1900.
Cover page of a publisher's catalogue by Jos. Aibl, Munich 1900.

Reger composes his big hit, Fantasia and Fugue on B-A-C-H, Op. 46, and dedicates the work to Josef Rheinberger, who, however, is appalled by the complexity. In addition to Karl Straube, other organists, also abroad, begin to take an interest in Reger. Andreas Hofmeier premieres the Chorale Fantasia on »Straf mich nicht in deinem Zorn!«, Op. 40, no. 2 in Brno, while Straube premieres Opus 46 in Wesel.

Reger returns to chamber music and composes his first string quartet (Op. 54, no. 1). With two clarinet sonatas, Op. 49, he challenges the comparison with Brahms. The plan to write an Organ Concerto with large orchestra (WoO I/7), is postponed to the following year. In December the premiere of the Violin Sonata in A major, Op. 41, by Reger and Josef Hösl takes place in Munich and receives favourable reviews from Theodor Kroyer and Rudolf Louis, who are surprised at the novelty and uniqueness of the language. Munich becomes aware of Reger.

Postal items from this year whose sender or addressee is Max Reger.

Images from the Max Reger Foto Gallery that originate from this year and have a direct reference to Max Reger.

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Max Reger Biography – 1900, in: Reger-Werkausgabe,, last check: 13th July 2024.


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