19th December 2022, Newly published
Psalm 100

Separate edition from vol. II/11, published by Carus-Verlag, is now available.

In time for the Reger Year 2023, the piano reduction of one of Reger’s most impressive works has also been published as a single edition. Reger’s setting of Psalm 100 is one of the “grand style” choral-symphonic works of the classical modern repertoire. Contrapuntal skill in the tradition of Bach combines with overwhelmingly powerful expressiveness, rich in contrasts.

Psalm 100 at Carus:

  • Piano reduction by the composer, Carus-Verlag, Stuttgart 2022, CV 52.939/03
  • Choral score, Carus-Verlag, Stuttgart 2023, CV 52.939/05