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1. Wiesbaden

Reger in 1895. – Max-Reger-Institut, Karlsruhe.
Reger in 1895. – Max-Reger-Institut, Karlsruhe.

In April Reger gets in touch with Ferruccio Busoni and they exchange transcriptions and original compositions. On 23 July he put the final note on his Suite in E minor for organ, Op. 16, which he considers to be his best work to date and which he confessionally dedicates “Den Manen Joh. Seb. Bachs” (to the shadows of Bach). The 111 Canons (WoO III/4), constructed with great diligence and contrapuntal skill, are finished during the Weiden summer holidays in September. In the autumn, Hugo Riemann and his family move to Leipzig. Reger continues to teach piano, organ and theory lessons at the Wiesbaden conservatoire and to give private piano lessons. In September he sends his Bach transcriptions (RWV Bach-B1) to Busoni and receives a positive response.

Postal items from this year whose sender or addressee is Max Reger.

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Max Reger Biography – 1895, in: Reger-Werkausgabe,, last check: 13th July 2024.


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