Lob, Preis und Ehr WoO VI/1

for mixed voice unaccompanied choir

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Performance medium
Mixed choir [Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass]

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Reger-Werkausgabe Bd. II/8: Werke für gemischten Chor a cappella I, digitaler Anhang.
Herausgeber Alexander Becker, Christopher Grafschmidt, Stefan König, Stefanie Steiner-Grage.
Verlag Carus-Verlag, Stuttgart; Verlagsnummer: CV 52.815.
Erscheinungsdatum Juni 2018.
Notensatz Carus-Verlag, Stuttgart.
Copyright 2018 by Carus-Verlag, Stuttgart and Max-Reger-Institut, Karlsruhe – CV 52.815.
Vervielfältigungen jeglicher Art sind gesetzlich verboten. / Any unauthorized reproduction is prohibited by law.
Alle Rechte vorbehalten. / All rights reserved.
ISMN M-007-18831-3.
ISBN 978-3-89948-302-4.

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1. Composition and Publication

Reger composed the choral fugue Lob, Preis und Ehr during his studies with Hugo Riemann, probably at the beginning of this period. He wrote the autograph manuscript in a first stage in pencil; in a second stage he wrote over the music text in black ink, making alterations in the process. The manuscript is divided into complete measures, but not fully worked out or polished: the music writing is sketchy and in particular, the placement of accidentals is deficient; only the first thirteen measures of the tenor part contain text (“Lob, Preis und Ehr sei Gott in der Höh in alle Ewigkeit Amen”). The composition, which Reger presumably did not continue with, remained in the papers of Riemann’s son Hans, together with five other manuscripts from his student days; in 1956 it was transferred to the Max-Reger-Institut (see Reger-Manuskripte der Familie Riemann). The work was first published in 1984 as part of the Reger-Gesamtausgabe.1

The choral fugue has not been included in the printed volume because of its incompleteness in terms of composition and text and its mainly student character, but it is presented as a digital supplement.2


Translation by Elizabeth Robinson.

Supplementband 38, Wiesbaden 1984, Choral Fugue in D flat major, pp. 160–162.
A complete version with text in full score has been edited by Michael Goldbach (G. Goldbach Musikverlag, Pforzheim 2001).

1. Reception

At present, there are no records of performances in Reger's time.

1. Quellenbewertung

Der Edition liegt als einzige Quelle die autographe Partitur zugrunde.

2. Sources

Object reference

Max Reger: Lob, Preis und Ehr WoO VI/1, in: Reger-Werkausgabe, www.reger-werkausgabe.de/mri_work_00992.html, last check: 13th July 2024.


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