Good Night WoO VI/25

for mixed voice unaccompanied choir

Komponiert in Meiningen, zwischen Ende Februar und Anfang April 1913

Performance medium
Mixed choir [Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass]

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Reger-Werkausgabe Bd. II/9: Werke für gemischten Chor a cappella II, S. 140.
Herausgeber Christopher Grafschmidt.
Unter Mitarbeit von Nikolaos Beer, Stefan König und Dennis Ried.
Verlag Carus-Verlag, Stuttgart; Verlagsnummer: CV 52.816.
Erscheinungsdatum Oktober 2021.
Notensatz Carus-Verlag, Stuttgart.
Copyright 2021 by Carus-Verlag, Stuttgart and Max-Reger-Institut, Karlsruhe – CV 52.816.
Vervielfältigungen jeglicher Art sind gesetzlich verboten. / Any unauthorized reproduction is prohibited by law.
Alle Rechte vorbehalten. / All rights reserved.
ISMN M-007-26186-3.
ISBN 978-3-89948-418-2.

Good Night

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1. Composition and Publication

Probably in February 1913 Reger received the request “to provide 3 short songs as a contribution to an American school song book”. (Letter dated 24 February an Bote & Bock) The texts must have been sent by the person who commissioned him.1 His main publisher Bote & Bock evidently left it up to him to make the three pieces (Good Night, Night Thoughts WoO V/7, and The Snow WoO V/8 for unison or two-part children’s/school choir and piano) available to the publisher Silver, Burdett and Company “for the 1st print, so that all the rights remain with me [Reger] or you, if you want to acquire these songs” (ibid.).

At the beginning of April 1913 Reger may have sent the manuscripts; at least for two of the songs a royalty is documented on 21 April.2 A note on a publisher’s copy of the first printed edition of Good Night refers to an advance copy (which cannot be traced) in a pamphlet from the city of Pittsburgh in March 1915. Whether Reger was informed about the publication of the school song book3 later that year is not known.


Translation by Elizabeth Robinson.

See the handwritten note on one of the copies for the publisher’s internal accounting (in 1997 still in the possession of Silver Burdett & Ginn): “words ‘selected’ from Horace Mann Second Reader” and “Free” next to the name of the poet (see also RWA online, WoO VI/25 – Text).
On the publisher’s copies of Good Night and Night Thoughts WoO V/7 (in 1997 still in the possession of Silver Burdett & Ginn) there is a note in each case: “Paid $ 1666 4/21/13”. The Snow WoO V/8 was first published in 1931. In Reger’s Postbuch 4 there is no record of sending the manuscripts.
The Progressive Music Series. For Basal Use in Primary, Intermediate, and Grammar Schools, Book Four (for eighth grade), ed. Horatio Parker, Osbourne McConathy, Edward Bailey Birge and W. Otto Miessner, Boston et al 1915. – Good Night is on p. 74, Night Thoughts on p. 24f.

1. Reception

At present, there are no records of performances in Reger's time.

1. Quellenbewertung

Der Edition liegt als Leitquelle der Erstdruck zugrunde.

2. Sources

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Max Reger: Good Night WoO VI/25, in: Reger-Werkausgabe,, last check: 13th April 2024.


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