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1. Weiden

1.1. 1874

Josef Reger is appointed for the new term to the preliminary teachers‘ college (Praeparandenschule) in Weiden (Upper Palatinate) where he teaches German, history, geography, harmony, organ and piano; his pupils include Adalbert Lindner, later Reger's teacher and biographer.

Max Reger together with his parents (1876). – Max-Reger-Institut,
Max Reger together with his parents (1876). – Max-Reger-Institut, Karlsruhe.

1.2. 1878

From his 5th year receives piano instruction from his mother, later also from his father.

1.3. 1879

Enters the first, after four weeks changing to the second class of the elementary school as his mother had already instructed him in reading, writing, and arithmetics.

1.4. 1882

Enters the royal secondary school.

1.5. 1884

Piano and organ instruction from Adalbert Lindner (until 1889).

1.6. 1885

Converts, together with his father , the worn-out organ of the preliminary teachers‘ college as a chamber organ for the Reger family household. Receives organ lessons from his father.

1.7. 1886

Graduates from the secondary school as one of the best pupils of his year. Enters the royal preliminary teachers’ college in order to prepare for the teaching profession that his parents have chosen for him. Plays the organ at the Catholic Sunday services in the parish church of St. Michael, which at the time was a simultaneous church for both denominations; presumably he got to know the Protestant chorale here.

1.8. 1887

In May, Reger makes his first public appearance as a pianist at the »Gasthof zur Eisenbahn« with the Sonata in F minor by Julius Schulhoff. In August he spends his holidays on the manorial estate Königswiesen near Regensburg, which his uncle Johann Baptist Ulrich had acquired. From there he attends the Sundays services at Regensburg cathedral.

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