Ostern WoO VII/32

for medium voice and piano

  • Ostern

    Text: Martin Boelitz

Komponiert wahrscheinlich in München, Sommer 1901

Performance medium
Middle voice; Piano

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Reger-Werkausgabe Bd. II/3: Lieder III, S. 23–25.
Herausgeber Knud Breyer und Stefan König.
Unter Mitarbeit von Christopher Grafschmidt und Claudia Seidl.
Verlag Carus-Verlag, Stuttgart; Verlags- und Plattennummer: CV 52.810.
Erscheinungsdatum September 2022.
Notensatz Carus-Verlag, Stuttgart.
Copyright 2022 by Carus-Verlag, Stuttgart and Max-Reger-Institut, Karlsruhe – CV 52.810.
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ISMN M-007-29722-0.
ISBN 978-3-89948-432-8.

1. Composition and Publication

Reger had previously published music inserts mainly in the Monatschrift für Gottesdienst und kirchliche Kunst and the Monatschrift für Gottesdienst und kirchliche Kunst (see op. 79c), but in 1901 a new publication opportunity presented itself with Musik-Woche, newlyfounded by the writer and journalist Ludwig Hamann in Leipzig. The weekly publication schedule of this “modern illustrated periodical” was attractive for Reger’s pace of work, as he could reckon on his contributions being published sooner than, for example, was the case with the Blätter für Haus- und Kirchenmusik. In fact the fifteen works composed for the periodical between October 1901 and March 1903 were published mainly at monthly intervals. As well as the two songs for voice and piano Tragt, blaue Träume… and Ostern WoO VII/31 and 32, piano music, chamber music and choral pieces were published.1 Reger wanted to invest the income of 300 M which he reliably earned at that time “annually from Musikwoche” (Letter dated 30 June 1902 to Elsa von Bercken) in a life insurance policy and thus in the shared future with his fiancée Elsa von Bercken.

Otherwise, nothing is known about the composition of the two songs for voice and piano, especially as neither the engraver’s manuscript (which remained with the publisher), nor any correspondence with the editor Hamann survives from these years. Both the poems were written by the Wesel poet Martin Boelitz, whom Reger had met in 1901 through his friend Straube2 and who was living temporarily in Munich after an extended stay in London.3 Tragt, blaue Träume… was already published as part of the poetry collection Aus Traum und Leben (1896); the Easter text could have been written at Reger’s suggestion and sent in manuscript.4 The songs were published in November 1901 and as planned in the Easter number (March/April) 1902 of Musik-Woche.


Translation by Elizabeth Robinson.

In May 1901 he wanted to ask the poet for the text for a “Christusoratorium” (see letter dated 7 May 1901 to Straube), however, the project came to nothing.
See Martin Boelitz Lesebuch, compiled and with an afterword by Martin Hollender, Cologne 2018 (= Nylands Kleine Rheinische Bibliothek, Vol. 14), p. 142.
This was later included in the volume Frohe Ernte (Minden i.W., 1905), p. 14.

1. Reception

At present, there are no records of performances in Reger's time.

1. Stemma

Die in Klammern gesetzten Quellen sind verschollen.
Die in Klammern gesetzten Quellen sind verschollen.

2. Quellenbewertung

Der Edition liegt als Leitquelle der Druck im Sammelband zugrunde.1 Alle weiteren zu Regers Lebzeiten erschienenen greifbaren Drucke verwenden dieselben Platten ohne Änderungen des Notentextes.

3. Sources

  • Stichvorlage (verschollen)
  • Erstdruck Lieder-Album (ED-S)
  • Titelauflage, Verlag Hoffmann

Von der Erstpublikation als Zeitschriftenbeigabe war kein Exemplar greifbar. Die im selben Medium erschienene Ausgabe im Sammelband ist jedoch mit Sicherheit identisch.
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Max Reger: Ostern WoO VII/32, in: Reger-Werkausgabe, www.reger-werkausgabe.de/mri_work_00259.html, last check: 10th December 2022.


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